Client Greenwich Time
Categories Education
Date 01-26-2012
URL Launch Project

Toward the end of his senior year at Greenwich High School, Justin Cervantes took a survey to determine the kind of career that best suited him. The results found that Cervantes was good with his hands, and it would make sense for him to work as a mechanic.

Today Cervantes, 25, is doing just that in his job as an auto repair technician at a Honda dealership in Woodstock, Ga. By most accounts, Cervantes would be considered pretty successful for someone his age — he has a good job, owns a house that he purchased outright, and is not saddled with thousands of dollars in student loan debt.

What Cervantes doesn’t have is a college degree. He is part of the 26 percent of the nearly 600 members of the GHS Class of 2004 that enrolled in college, but did not go on to earn a diploma in the six years since graduating high school.

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