Client Greenwich Time
Categories Health
Date 12-08-2010
URL Launch Project

Dr. Steven Murphy’s Maple Avenue office is an exercise in contrasts.

Parenting and general interest magazines are fanned out on a small table in the waiting room of the circa-1906 building, nestled between a few armchairs that seem out of the 1960s. Over by the window, an iPad is propped up on a stand, ready for patients to swipe and enter their personal and medical information. On the opposite side of the wall of a tiny exam room, Murphy’s wooden desk is dominated on one side by a massive touch-screen computer monitor, which displays his patients’ records and test results.

The primary care physician’s brand of medicine is also on the cutting edge. Murphy integrates genetic testing into primary care, using some of his patients’ genes to determine their predisposition to various diseases, including some cancers, and their tolerance of certain medications.

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